Sales Support

The UK’s food-to-go and fast food sector is growing and by 2022 it will be worth £23.5bn(1).

We have partnered up with Coca Cola European Partners to offer you a wide range of sale support tools to maximise sales and see your business grow.

Coca Cola brand’s total value sales in Fast Food is 75% larger than of competitor brands(2). Partnering with Coca Cola European Partner’s can help to drive sales in the form of equipment and bespoke point of sale.

32% increase in sales due to a meal deal * Source 'TNS NIPO '11'
Outlets with Coolers gain a 27% uplift  in Soft Drink Sales * Source 'Customer Project '11,SW'

For more information about how Coca Cola European Partners can support your business
please visit the Coke Customer Hub website or call 0808 1000 000.