The following list will give you an idea about some of the products we supply. Many other products are available, please contact us to request a full product list.

Fresh fish, sausages and cooking oil products

  • Frozen Foods: a variety of sizes of fish, breaded fish, scampi, fishcakes, sausages, burgers, chicken portions, chicken nuggets, seeded or floured buns/baps, pies and pasties
  • Fresh fish: ordered daily, sold at competitive prices. Various sizes are available
  • Cooking oils and fats: we have our own brand Goldenfry (no GM products) along with many other brands
  • Trays: various sizes & colours
  • Paper for wrapping: various sizes including greaseproof
  • Battermix
  • Soft drinks: an extensive range of cans, bottles and cartons
  • Tinned products: beans, peas, tomatoes & more
  • Dried peas
  • Gravy & curry powders
  • Cleaning products
  • Cooking utensils available to order
  • Sauces: tomato, mayonnaise, chilli and garlic mayonnaise
  • Cups, forks, etc

Goldenfry Fry Oils

Goldenfry fry oils

Goldenfry gives perfect results time after time and is produced from fully sustainable supplies, ensuring us and future generations help to preserve our planet. It is free of any GM products, is low in cholesterol and virtually free of any trans fatty acids. Goldenfry is the healthy option for fryers who care for their customers.

Over the years, our clients have tried numerous brands and many now use Goldenfry - finding it gives constant good results and provides the high quality food that their customers expect.

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